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Are you interested in drama and performance? Whether you’re a keen amateur, a total beginner, or a professional actor looking for further training, our adult drama classes have something for everyone, through our fun and supportive weekly sessions.

Explore drama and performance and meet like-minded people at a sociable and enjoyable class.


The classes take place at UP Studios, Ensign Way, Hamble, SO31 4RA. . Each session is pay as you go, £10 a class. 

Creating Atmosphere

23rd October

Creating atmosphere is important for any scene. In this class we will be exploring how to create different atmosphere using a variety of techniques, mainly without text. Music, body language, presence and tapping into different energies will all be new techniques and ideas for your 'actors toolbox.'

Powerful Storytelling - Ghost Stories

30th October

Following last week and on All Hallows Eve we will be looking at the power of storytelling, one of the most effective and stripped back forms of performing. Bring eerie ghost stories to 'life' with minimum props, but maximum vocal power. Participants must take all summoned souls home with them. 

Powerful Storytelling - Creating your own atmospheric stories

6th November

We've looked at atmosphere, we've looked at ghost stories and now its your turn. Use the stimulus in the room to create your own atmospheric story. You can write, devise, play, whatever technique you'd like to use to create your own story (alone or in small groups). Before rehearsing and performing them to the group. 

Greek Theatre - Mini play project

13th, 20th, 27th November


4th Dec, 11 Dec

We will re-cap greek theatre techniques before starting work on rehearsing our own mini epic. Expect to explore mythology, greek theatre history and technique and of course general acting technique. We will be rehearsing in great detail and lines will need to be learnt for this unit. On 11 Dec we will record what we have created, you are also welcome to invite anyone to come along. 

Duologues/ Monologues - individual notes and review

8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th Jan 2020

New year, new challenge! 

Over the course of the month you will be set a piece that has a specific challenge for each participant to push you out of your comfort zone. Whether that is the first piece performed in group, or being given a type of character you haven't played before. Through this classes we will cover some Stanislavski techniques and go beyond Stanislavski to use other practitioners techniques. Participants will then use whatever techniques they find most useful with direction notes to rehearse and perform their pieces. Individual feedback will be given at the end of this unit. 

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