Upcoming Classes

Are you interested in drama and performance? Whether you’re a keen amateur, a total beginner, or a professional actor looking for further training, our adult drama classes have something for everyone, through our fun and supportive weekly sessions.

Explore drama and performance and meet like-minded people at a sociable and enjoyable class.


The classes take place at UP Studios, Ensign Way, Hamble, SO31 4RA. . Each session is pay as you go, £10 a class. 

Duologues/ Monologues - individual notes and review

8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th Jan 2020

New year, new challenge! 

Over the course of the month you will be set a piece that has a specific challenge for each participant to push you out of your comfort zone. Whether that is the first piece performed in group, or being given a type of character you haven't played before. Through this classes we will cover some Stanislavski techniques and go beyond Stanislavski to use other practitioners techniques. Participants will then use whatever techniques they find most useful with direction notes to rehearse and perform their pieces. Individual feedback will be given throughout this unit. 

Round-By-Through ( Creating story with movement)

5th Februray

Explore this Frantic Assembly technique which focuses on simple movements that everyone can do to create something really fascinating to watch. A great tool for your actors toolkit to add a lovely visual element to any performance. 

This technique, like so many others in devising and physical theatre follows a series of simple steps to create an interesting movement sequence. Suitable for all ages and abilities. Wear something you can move in easily. 

Radio Play & Vocal Work

12th & 26th Feb

4th, 11th, 18th, 25th March

Each week in February/ early March will focus on different vocal and text exercises to help with any acting work. Then we will put it all to the test , rehearsing a short radio play, which will then be recorded and shared with the group. 

Play to be announced shortly. 

By taking away the visual element of theatre, we are really honing in on intonation, vocal quality, meaning and subtext and vocal dynamics. Important skills for any acting work. 

Pushing the Body

Commedia dell Arte & Clowning

1st & 8th April

Now we are focusing more on the body. Commedia is a physical art form. There are stock characters that we will introduce, with an element of clowning. Then we will work towards a short script as those characters putting our previous, new, vocal techniques and our new physical techniques together with hilarious consequences!